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Interview Body Language Tips

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Interview Body Language Tips

Body language plays a vital role in your interview as such of your verbal communication. Poor body language may derail an interview. Interviewer builds an impression in seconds by your body language. 

Hirer will judge you as fast as you shake his or her hands by just your eye contact and the firmness of your shake.



You posture will speak a lot in an interview. Your posture projects the confidence level and engagement that you have in a conversation. When someone slumps it shows his lack of interest, when you sit stiff it shows that you are nervous, sitting in the tip of chair implies that you don’t want to be here. You should project your professionalism in your body language.

The best posture to sit is with you lower back close or touching the back panel with a ten degree lean Keep your hands free in your lap with your legs grounded well. Don’t cross your arms are avoid keeping your hands in pocket while you stand. Just maintain a balanced posture don’t limp or be over stiff. 

Eye contact:

A good eye contact will make you interviewer engage to your conversation. But there is a fine difference between a good eye contact and a stare. Give a break to eye contact whenever necessary. There should be a fine balance between eye contact and breaks.  Don’t stare on your interviewer.

Maintain eye contact when you are speaking or listening for couple of seconds at a time and glance away before returning eye contact again. Eye contact is needed especially when it appears a special point is being made or when you are asked a question.


When you talk fast it shows your nervousness and it is hard to listen and it also sounds monotone.

Learn to take control of your voice. Take a breath to relax yourself with a smile before you speak.   Your tone should be audible and with a variations to highlight certain points.

Wobble head:

Most of us have a tendency to nod their head as a gesture to agree. But in an interview just don’t nod for everything. It will project you as such you are agreeing everything for a sake to please interviewer.

Nod occasionally and have control over your nods, you may slightly tilt your head to the side as though you are trying to listen carefully as another way to show you are engaged.


There are some people who do something out of habit such as waving hands when they talk, rocking chair, playing with pens in their hands, twirling hair, rubbing face. Even though actions occur unconsciously .This may fetch you undesirable results.

Be conscious of what you do and take control of your body movements. Be aware of your body language and note interviewer body language so that you may know how he or she responds to you.


Prepare your body language before going to an interview by practicing before mirror. Watch yourself and act as you introduce yourself and how you speak. After that take a friends help and create a scenario of interview and video record the entire session. Review it. Aware and adjust it in the problem areas.