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Ways for Answering 'Why Should We Hire You?’

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Ways for Answering 'Why Should We Hire You?’

This is one of the common interview were we have a direct smack in the face. Hirer will put you in an uncomfortable spot. These questions are not easy to answer some times it will cost your interview. Here are some of the ways to answer this question.

Focus on the need that the employer has:

Focus answering on fulfilling their requirements by saying you will be the person who can fulfill their expectations effectively by implementing your knowledge related to the job description by narrating some certain examples or to be in safe zone in general just saying you enjoy recognizing issues and solving  them.


Describe your uniqueness:

Make the interviewer understand your uniqueness by describing your uniqueness in a more specific way related to the job position by stating some examples from your past experience. As such you stand out unique from other employees.


Discuss your track record:

Tell the interviewer about an accomplishment in detail, and add that you can do the same for his company. Make sure the example you choose relates to a goal the prospective employer might have.


 Highlight your qualifications:


Avoid comparing yourself to others, and focus on what benefits you offer. Show them the qualifications that make you odd in this job market and how will you apply that knowledge to your best