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Top 10 Reasons for People Don’t Get Hired

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Top 10 Reasons for People Don’t Get Hired

There are innumerable reasons for a candidate to be rejected in an interview and here are the most common reasons to be rejected.

Ø Incomplete application form and sloppy unrelated resume.

Ø  Poor body language and dressing sense

Ø  Nervousness and lack of confidence to express

Ø  Lack of maturity, interest, enthusiasm, communication skill and technical knowledge

Ø  Irresponsiveness or vague response to questions

Ø  No real interest in company and position

Ø  Lack of purpose and goals

Ø  Over greed on money

Ø  Unwillingness to start from bottom 

Ø  Negative attitude about past employers


Ø  Lies, Fake and tardy