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Telephone interview Tips

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Telephone interview Tips

Most of the industry use telephone interview as initial employment screening technique for many reasons. It saves a lot of time to a company and it is an effective screening test.

 Treat telephone interview as personal face to face interview and prepare for it.

Be prepared with all notes and resumes, you may be questioned from your documents. Prepare and compose yourself in advance.

Hopefully you can schedule the telephone interview if not know when to take the phone call. If you are in middle of something say you’re delighted to talk to the interviewer, but could you speak later, and suggest a time. If he hesitates to schedule another time, you might want to plunge forward and do the best you can.

Make sure you won't be interrupted and be sure to charge your phone in advance and be in a silent place with good connectivity.

Stand and answer with a smile when you talk on the telephone. You'll be more relaxed, you'll sound more confident and assertive. Seriously think about using a headset for telephone interviews. It will be useful to concentrate more in call and take notes.

Be sure of your language and tone of your voice. Speak clearly and positive.

Just don’t say yes or no for questions. Listen to the question carefully and if you can’t understand ask for the clarification. Answer the questions relatively. Don’t over talk.

Make sure you sound interested, the sort of person that they want in team.

Avoid questioning interviewer about salary or benefits. It’s not the right time to do so.


Show your interest in further steps and collect contact information of the person who will be in contact with you before hanging up your phone .Don’t forget to thank your interviewer.


Send a thank you note by mail with a reiterating strengths and value for the position.