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How to behave before an interview panel?

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How to behave before an interview panel?

  1.   Wish your interviewer first once you enter the room.
  2.   Sit down calmly only after they offer you a seat. Don’t make noise by dragging or pulling the chair  
  3.   Sit straight with your back against the chair and keep your arms in armrest. Don’t keep your arms over interview panel table or be sluggish during interview.
  4.   Wait until interviewer asks you question after going through your resume. Don’t start talking before they ask you something.
  5.   An eminent eye contact is necessary when you answer the questions. Don’t look around the room or ceiling while answering the questions.
  6.   If you don’t know the answers say it straight. Don’t tell stories or scratch your head.  Don’t repeat the answer again and again which will clearly show the interviewer that you are not prepared for the interview.
  7.   Start answering only after the panel finishes the question. Don’t be in a rush to answer the questions.
  8.   Commonly the last question of the interview panel would be, do you have any questions? Ask them some questions regarding your position or company.
  9. Say them thank you after the session and wait until they handover your documents to you. Don’t grab it from them in a rush to get out.