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How To Make A Good Impression From The Start Of A Job Interview

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How To Make A Good Impression From The Start Of A Job Interview

It takes just seconds to form a first impression, and a first impression at a job interview happens just as quickly. Since it’s so much easier when you start off strong, focus on making a good impression in those first few moments of the interview  while you’re waiting in the reception area, while you’re walking to the office or conference room, while you make small talk right before the first question. Here are five qualities you want to convey right from the start to make a good impression at a job interview:


Sit with good posture in the waiting area. Have your personal items (coat, bag, folder) neatly organized and easily accessible for a quick transition when you’re called in. When the interviewer comes out to greet you, you want to appear put-together. You want to move with ease, not in a disheveled, clumsy fashion.


Then you shake hands and greet your interviewer. Is your handshake firm? Do you make direct eye contact? You want to project confidence, even if you’re nervous.


You also want to smile and project enthusiasm. Your demeanor should suggest that you want to be there. You’re excited to meet this interviewer and discuss the role, the company, the future together. Positive energy goes a long way in establishing a positive impression.


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