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Interview Tips

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Interview Don’ts

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Interview Don’ts

  1. Don’t be late
  2. Don’t overdo your postures and dressing style inappropriate to industry
  3. Don’t act that you are desperate for employment.
  4. Don’t scratch your head, bite your nails or look around the room during interview
  5.  Accept your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions and don’t make excuses.
  6.  Do not give negative comments about your previous employer, position or others.
  7.  Be honest and don’t falsify your application materials or answers.
  8.  Don’t smoke or drink before an interview.
  9.  Don't treat the interview casually.
  10.  Don’t chew gum or use cell phone in an interview.
  11.  Don’t be excited and let your nerve show too much.
  12.  Don’t make an impression that you are highly concerned about your salary and don’t discuss about it until your interviewer initiate the talks.
  13.  Don’t discuss controversial topics such as religion, politics and gender relations.
  14.  Don’t take your parents to an interview with you.
  15. Don’t argue with the interviewer, no matter what.