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Color Do’s and Don’ts for a Job Interview

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Color Do’s and Don’ts for a Job Interview

You may have a great confusion about the color to wear for an interview. Color does give an impression about a person. Color sends a significant subconscious message to the interviewer and here we suggest you some of the best colors to wear and which are not to wear.

Color Do’s:-


A recent study made with most of the hirers and companies concludes that they mostly prefer blue as the best color to wear for an interview. It inspires confidence and trust. Navy blue is the best choice. Studies show you are more likely to be hired when you wear it.


Gray is one of the safest choices to wear. Gray sends a message that you are clam, logical and analytical. It can be teamed up with colored accessories .Gray is suited for all kind of interviews.


Black is the color of leadership. Black is a commanding color that represents authority. When you wear it correctly it can also communicate glamour, sophistication, exclusivity. But don’t mix two shades of black. It’s better to wear black for a management interview job. But black is more powerful it may overpower your interviewer.


White delivers a message that you are organized, simple and clean. It is a great choice for a shirt or blouse to go with a navy, grey, black or brown suit. 

Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple:

Save these colors for a creative industry job interview. Get a working creative combination. That will speak for your creativeness subconsciously.


Color Don’ts:- 


 It conveys passion and power. It's so strong you should only use it as an accent color. It is better to avoid red to an interview. It could send a wrong message to the interviewer.



Avoid orange to interview. It is the worst rated color in the recent study made with hirers. It sends a message that you are unprofessional.