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Top 10 Interviewing rules

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Top 10 Interviewing rules

In the ever competitive world of job market, you need to keep on some important rules for an interview to out shine among others individually.

Gather information:-

Before attending an interview learn about the company’s products, services, customers and competition. The more you know about the company will give you an understanding about the company and what they are looking for. And prepare yourself accordingly

Look confident:-

Before what you wear for an interview research about company’s environment and dress should be suitable to the industry and position. Behind all dress to your confidence, if you feel good others will respond accordingly.

Be prepared:-

Be prepared for any situation, it’s better to expect the unexpected. Make extra copies of your references, resume & other interview essentials. Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Be punctual:-

Never ever arrive late to an interview. Be there in the spot before 10 to 15 minutes, Keep in mind about the situation of getting lost or misdirected.

So start early and be on time.

Show Enthusiasm:-

It’s good to show some interest, a firm handshake with a good eye contact conversation will show your confidence.

Speak distinctly with confidence in your voice and behavior even though you feel shaky.



Listen to your interviewer and understand the question well and then answer to the asked questions relatively. Don’t ever indulge do any inappropriate behavior while answering.

Answer the Question Asked:-

Just be straight forward and answer honestly. Do not build any stories for answering. They don’t need stories just answer.

Give Specific Examples:-

Give specific examples when you are asked about your success and failures in your career. This will effectively highlight your successes and uniqueness; your past behavior can indicate your future performance.

Ask questions:-

Ask questions to interviewer after interview regarding company and work related to your position. This will showcase your interest about their company and job.

Follow up:-


Follow up regularly through e-mail or mail. It will be chance to remind your interviewer about your uniqueness and value. Don’t miss the last chance to be hired.