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5 Hardest job to fill in 2017

5 Hardest job to fill in 2017

Admin | Mar 03, 2017 - 01:28 AM

During the Great Recession, it was difficult to imagine the problem that some industries are confronting today — labor shortages. But, we’ve seen steady and consistent economic gains, year after year, since the recession ended. Now, after a record 75 consecutive months of job growth, some jobs are hard to fill.

Workers should know about the areas of the job market that are flooded with opportunity right now. So, CareerCast has released a new report on the toughest jobs to fill in 20......

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5 Hardest job to fill in 2017

Selling Yourself in a Competitive Job Market

Walmart | Dec 14, 2016 - 03:38 AM

No one else is going to "blow your horn" for you, especially when you are engaged in a job search. You have to market yourself, and you have to do it better than your competition. Here are some proven tips that should help you.

1.    There are Two You

We all have our weaknesses and failings. Certainly, we don't want a potential employer to know about them. The second "you" is your more perfect self, and it is this you that you will be selling.

To create your more perfect self, mak......

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