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Why IT companies are scouting for senior talent to bring in new business

Admin| Jul 12, 2016 - 10:09 AM India

MUMBAI: Even as they cut back on freshers, IT companies are scouting for senior talent to bring in new business — arising from automation and new technologies — at a frantic pace. 

IT companies used to bulk up on engineering graduates as they prepared for faster growth, but as automation kicks in, more business growth is being dictated by those higher up the pyramid. The demand is not for CEOs, but for experienced sales leaders, project heads and delivery and architecture experts. 

"It is important to segregate the leadership — we are hiring and promoting at scale because the leaders are driving the business. I think from a recruiting of leaders like managing directors, we've never been so active in the market," Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture, said in a post-earnings conference call last month. 

Accenture added that it would moderate its overall headcount addition. Nanterme also said the company promoted more managing directors this year, than in the last four. Accenture's digital and cloud business is now about 40% of its revenue. 

L&T Infotech, which is the process of going public, has been one of the most active hirers in the last year. "In the senior management range, what is N-1, we have hired about 30 people and strengthened the management. We are also planning to put in place a bigger team in Europe this year," AM Naik, group executive chairman at L&T, told ET. Even smaller IT companies like Pune-headquartered Zensar, are preparing to hire at senior levels. "We are planning lateral hires in client management, .. 

We have currently hired 41MBAs and chartered accountants to set the base before we go and hire the senior executives," Sandeep Kishore, CEO of Zensar said. "I think the industry at large is looking to hire MBAs and mid-tosenior management. That is how the new ideas will come in." As automation and new technologies take over, experts say there will be an arms race for talent in these areas. 


"Everybody needs this talent. And there is only so much you can build internally. So you will see hiring from the niche players and maybe from a few captives that have internally such capabilities. A lot of the deals for smaller firms are about talent," an analyst with a Mumbai-based brokerage said. He declined to be identified. 





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