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Robots will replace human workforce, believes India’s youth: Telenor survey

Admin| Sep 24, 2016 - 10:06 AM India

Robots will replace human workforce, believes India’s youth: Telenor survey

NEW DELHI: India’s youth believes that robots in the workplace will be a common phenomenon in future, according to a six nation survey conducted by Telenor Group where 100% respondents supported this statement. The study revealed that 66% of millennials see
future opportunities in the internet and digital sectors and 57% said that mobile/internet technology will be important in their career by 2020.

The online survey which was centred on future digital job prospects and impact of technology brought out positive responses in support of digitalization. However, 36% Indian youth also thinks that both technical and human skills are important for a successful career, which is the highest among all the countries surveyed.

Shockingly, the skills that Indian millennials rated as the least important future job skills were: data analysis, research and interpretation.

The survey which had a sample size of 700 secondary schools or university students per market, received participation from 4200 respondents aged between 15 to 25 in India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Pakistan. The survey was conducted
digitally via Telenor Group on Facebook.

“Our Facebook channel reaches an active, young ­ and largely Asian ­ following, so we felt that this would be a great place to pilot such a survey,” said Sheena Lim, Director of Social Media, Telenor Group.

One of the interesting findings of the study showed that all of the surveyed Indian youth agreed that robots will replace humans in many future professions, where 38% predicted that the manufacturing and engineering industries would see the most machine takeovers.

32% Indians agreed to the statement: ‘It’s important to understand all kinds of technology ­ I want to know as much as I can, showing their enthusiasm for technology driven industries.

“With the second highest number of Internet users in the world, India is fast emerging as a digital powerhouse of the world. This survey gives us an interesting perspective on how technology is impacting our youth in their careers and jobs. As a brand that resonates well with the young population of the country,” said Sharad Mehrotra, CEO, Telenor India Communications.


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