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Rivigo looks to hire 450 this quarter

Admin| Mar 21, 2017 - 11:50 PM India

Rivigo looks to hire 450 this quarter

BENGALURU: Logistics startup Rivigo is looking to hire about 450 people over the next three months, as it continues to scale up and expand its business. The Gurgaon-­based company, which recently raised debt financing of Rs 100 crore from a clutch of private sector banks, expects the hiring to be complete by June­-end.

“We will continue to digitise and transform the logistics sector in the country, and are in the process of building many core technology products, for which we need to scale up our technology team,” Gazal Kalra, co­founder of Rivigo, told ET. “We are seeing great interest from talent India and abroad.”

About half of the new hires will be for this team, she said, adding that front and back-end developers with 2-­5 years of experience will be preferred.


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