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People and machines to work together in workplaces

Admin| Feb 27, 2017 - 11:06 PM India

People and machines to work together in workplaces

The 20th CEO survey of multinational professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) based on 1,379 responses from 79 countries stated that people will work with machines in workplaces of the future rather than one replacing the other. 

Global business leaders said that one of the biggest challenges for organisations is getting their people strategy right in an automated world where intelligent machines and robots will play an important role in most workplaces. 

Jon Williams, leader of PwC’s global people and organisation practice said that getting people strategy right in a world where humans and machines work alongside each other will be the biggest challenge leaders will ever face. He said in a statement that no one can be sure how the world of work will evolve, so organisations must prepare for any scenario.

According to the survey, 52% of global CEOs are exploring the benefits of humans and machines working together and 39% are considering the impact of artificial intelligence on future skills needs. As many as 77% of CEOs say they see the availability of key skills as the biggest business threat. 

Williams said that it’s the role of business leaders to protect and nurture the employee-employer relationship through this turbulent time. Without it, organisations will struggle to find and keep the people they need. The challenge for CEOs is to show that in the technological age, humans are their priority. In-demand skills in the given context are exclusively human capabilities. They include adaptability, problem solving, creativity and leadership. 

Padmaja Alaganandan, leader of people and organisation, at PwC India said it’s the same situation in India as well. Leaders need to have these attributes and software cannot imitate or change that.

According to the survey, 78% of CEOs are actively taking steps to improve their access to talent and attract the right people by changing their people strategy to reflect the skills and employment structure they need for the future. Williams said there are five skills business leaders need to work on to ensure they have the right talent fit for the challenges ahead. These include: planning for multiple futures, preparing HR for the recruitment challenge, nurturing soft skills, delivering the right experience for people and working on trust with a purpose.


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