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Leveraging workplace diversity for organisational growth

Admin| Jul 20, 2016 - 09:37 AM India

Leveraging workplace diversity for organisational growth

Managing diversity is a comprehensive process for making a work setting that features everybody

Supriya Kotnis

The modern age has blurred the lines between nationalities and has made it a place that is connected 24×7, which all the more increases the need to have a diverse workforce to be able to better appreciate different cultures and mindsets.

So to bring order to this chaos, modern organisations need to be able to appreciate and manage diversity. Managing diversity in the workplace ought to be an area of cultural focus for an organisation.

Workforce diversity means similarities and variations in characteristics such as age, gender, ethnic, heritage, physical abilities and disabilities, race and sexual orientation among employees of an organisation. It refers to policies and practices that seek to empower these individuals to form a cohesive and productive work unit.

Managing diversity is more than merely acknowledging variations in individuals which could involve recognising the value of those variations, combating discrimination or even promoting inclusiveness.

Unfortunately, there is no single recipe for achieving diversity. It mainly depends upon the manager’s ability to perceive what’s best for the organisation and therefore the dynamics of the work.

Managing diversity is a comprehensive process for making a work setting that features everybody. Therefore, organisations need to develop, implement, and maintain ongoing coaching.

Leaders, professionals, executives, and senior managers can do plenty of things to reinforce the productivity of individuals by being role models, providing diversity training and development workshops, and by ensuring individuals treat one another fairly.

Regardless of our rank, position title or power, chances are high that we cannot erase years and centuries of cultural bias and private opinions that exist within the society. However, what we will do is to systematically insist that our work is freed from intolerance and packed with chance for all people.

A diverse manpower could be a reflection of a dynamic world and marketplace. Diverse work groups bring high worth to organisations.

Organisations need to create a workplace where in different talents from different backgrounds can grow and also have low barriers of the language and communication.

Some of the advantages of getting diversity at the workplace are:

• Increased productivity: Diversity and inclusion bring in diverse skills all operating towards a common goal

• Increased creativity and better problem-solving: With such a diverse group of employees, there is creativity and better approach to problem solving. A diverse team will be able to generate innovative ideas and help the organisation in the long run

• Attract and retain talent that adds competitive edge: The feeling of being included and appreciated will increase loyalty

• Language skills: Companies that plan to expand into world markets like language diversity within the work

Understanding the advantages of diversity helps you determine a company with competitive edge. This has done using staff with cultural and language skills that may create bigger reach for the business.

The author is HR and L&D Head, Amura Marketing Technologies


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