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I learnt value of processes and planning: Nitin Motwani, CTO and founder,

Admin| May 07, 2016 - 11:10 AM India

I learnt value of processes and planning: Nitin Motwani, CTO and founder,

What I did in the first 100 days at work
I STARTED MY career as a software engineer for Cisco Systems at their San Jose headquarters. All college graduates had to go through a 30-day orientation programme called Cisco Choice. Basically, each department in Cisco would come and pitch us to join them and at the end of the 30 days we had to make a decision on which department to join. I decided to work in Cisco TelePresence, which is Cisco's ultra high-end video conferencing solution. 

The worst mistake I made
I REALISED THAT working in a large organisation wasn't going to give me the opportunities to do something that was truly impactful. However, I stuck on in Cisco for four years while playing around with a bunch of different startup ideas on the side. Looking back, I feel I should have taken the plunge sooner. 

The best leadership lessons I learnt
I LEARNT THE value of processes and planning. Being a large and very process-driven organisation, all Cisco projects were planned and tracked really well. I've adopted many of the same processes in my own venture, albeit after tweaking them to fit the small company that we are with great results. We've ended up saving a lot of time and mitigating several issues that we would otherwise not have foreseen. 

My biggest innovation
MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT at Cisco was to completely revamp the entire Cisco TelePresence Management user interface using a host of new UI technologies while simultaneously introducing several new features, each of which was conceptualised by me. The idea was to dramatically improve the user experience of managing Telepresence meetings, recordings and deployment of infrastructure management, and the new interface turned out to be a huge success winning me accolades from our SVP and the head of our department. 

How I had fun at work
I PLAYED A lot of basketball. It took a while for our manager to figure out why the entire team's calendar was blocked on Wednesday and Friday evenings! 

How I managed my work-life

CALIFORNIA AND IN particular the San Francisco bay area has a lot to offer from a rest and recreation point of view. I took up a bunch of new hobbies such as snowboarding, surfing and golf. I eventually moved to San Francisco to live in a big city. 


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