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How will India Inc hire in 2017?

Admin| Feb 03, 2017 - 11:42 PM India

How will India Inc hire in 2017?

Interviews to focus on attitudinal aspects: One thing that will surely change is the interviewing process itself in them becoming more attitude-based to measure the softer aspects. While talent, skills and hard-work are necessary in terms of achieving goals, it is attitude and cultural fit that organizations will lay importance to. Tools that help measure and predict behaviour will gain prominence. It can also be safely predicted that recruitment processes will broaden their scope beyond qualifications and skills to evaluating whether a candidate fits the value framework of the company.

Employer branding will gain emphasis: With emphasis on the right fit, we will see companies focusing on employer branding more than ever. Companies will direct their efforts at effectively communicating their ethos, values, culture and objectives to prospective employees. Also, increased focus on background and reference checks backed by authenticity in resumes will take centre stage.

Peer to peer hiring: Organisations are slowly realising the untapped potential of employee referrals in bringing on-board new, reliable talent and 2017 will see organisations further explore this recruitment avenue to marginalize costs and create a happier workforce.

Recruitment will become proactive: Recruitment will slowly see a shift towards becoming more proactive as opposed to a “reactive” process that only functioned in response to a job opening or company need. There is a need to adapt to the changing, millennial-centred recruitment scene by becoming more adept at social recruiting and thinking beyond job advertisements. Skills such as reaching out to top talents online and utilising social media platforms to find job seekers are what will give recruiters the edge they need.

More than one job: In addition to their dedicated full-time workforce, companies are increasingly seeking to fulfil their ever-changing work requirements with the aid of temporary and contract based jobs. This in turn will result in bringing together people from different backgrounds and qualifications to form more diverse team profiles and at the same time this also means that people may just have more than one job to manage.

Boomerang hiring: Rehiring brings with it advantages such as reduced onboarding time and employees with prior knowledge of your company’s culture and goals. In the days to come, companies will have dedicated strategies focussing on the roll-out of initiatives that help them rehire.


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