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How the growing tribe of e-sports players in India are making it their side careers

Admin| Jul 19, 2016 - 10:31 AM India

How the growing tribe of e-sports players in India are making it their side careers

While most of us are chasingPokemons and playing online games, the more serious ones have made it their side hustles and even full-time careers.

Meet Nishant Patel, 26, who has a BCom degree but is more a fan of electronic sports (read: E-sports) rather than of accounting. He started his career in gaming in 2010 and soon realized that winning a competition was no more just a shield or a certification -it also meant good prize money.

Nishant was quick to understand the scope of the industry and forayed into live-stream production, casting and advertising for e-sports through his company, AFK Gaming. Now, he earns his entire income from competitive gaming.

While you may have heard of augmented reality only recently, competitive gaming has been steadily growing in popularity among viewers and participants alike for a while.

The most popular games in the e-sports category are Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends and FIFA. While there are lot of tangible gains from this industry, many people are doing this as a part-time source of income and managing it along with their education or jobs.

Even as a part-timer, a gaming enthusiast can earn up to Rs 2 lakh every year, even as a beginner.

Siddharth Nayyar, who holds a degree in economics from University of London and works at a transnational in Bengaluru, manages to earn Rs 20,000 a month from e-sports management. "It allows me to follow my passion while keeping my career path intact and also earn a few bucks on the side," says Nayyar.


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