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Google Launches ‘Google Hire’ Job Portal; Will It Spy on Applicant’s Search History?

Admin| Apr 18, 2017 - 10:50 PM United States

Google Launches ‘Google Hire’ Job Portal; Will It Spy on Applicant’s Search History?

Google is a smart Internet company, and once again, they prove this fact, via Google Hire.

Google’s newest and most talked about the project right now is Google Hire, which has been hailed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of all job portals. And, in a smart move, Google has converted their own internal ‘Applicant Tracking System’ (ATS) into a public platform for all.

LinkedIn’s dominance in the job market, along with other major players such as Seek, Monster and Indeed are observing the developments very closely.

Officially, Google Hire hasn’t been launched yet, but the portal exists right now, welcoming job applicants and employers to log in via their Google account.

And this step has triggered a wave of apprehensions, the primary being: Will Google spy on applicant’s search history, and provide the data to the employer? Because if this happens, then it can upset several people.

What Will Google Hire Do?

It will function just as a recruitment tool, wherein employers can manage the applications, and applicants can submit their resumes and cover letters.

It is not still not revealed, but as per some reports, Google is working on some AI platform, which will match the right candidate with the right job, based on the keywords and experience details.

A Google spokesperson said, “Google Hire is a product under development that will help G Suite customers manage their hiring process more effectively. The product will allow employers to collect candidate applications online..”

Recruitment coach Ross Clennett reacted this way, after using Google Hire: “I think Google’s looking to create something much simpler than other offerings, but just as effective, that’s really the Holy Grail..”, adding, “Something instinctive to use, simplified yet powerful version of an applicant tracking system.”

The Big Question: Will It Spy On Applicant’s Search History

The home page of the Google Hire platform prompts users to login via their existing Google accounts, and this has triggered mass panic, all around.

Users are questioning the very motive of this exercise, and are asking others: Will Google spy on job applicant’s search history, and provide the same to the employers?

This could be a potential disaster.

Several mainstream media outlets actually reported that via Google Hire, Google will smuggle key information like search habits, Youtube subscriptions and more, to the potential employers.

However, Google representatives have cleared all doubts regarding the same and have explicitly stated that Google will never do such things.

A representative said, “Google does not share private information such as search or viewing history. Only the information that applicants input into Google Hire will be shared — for example, first name, last name, email address, resume, cover letter, etc.”

As per Google, private information will be never shared with them.

But, can we really believe Google? Will Google Hire set a new precedence in job search market? How will Linkedin react to this news?


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