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Food science and technology: Career scope

Admin| Sep 28, 2016 - 11:34 AM India

Food science and technology: Career scope

Food science and technology is the study of food materials as well as packaged food. Food science is the use of Chemistry, Microbiology, nutrition, etc. to make a food that lasts longer. Various universities in India offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in food science and technology

What is food science and technology?
The science of having seasonal foods throughout the year and destroying pathogens and deactivating toxic components to make food safer. It is a branch of applied science which is related to the study of food and food processing. The role of a food scientist is to ensure that there is an abundant supply of nutritious and safe food in this world.
The sub-disciplines of food science and technology are:

·         Food chemistry

·         Food engineering

·         Food microbiology

·         Food packaging

·         Food preservation

Scope of food science and technology:

Human life revolves around winning the bread for the day. The thing which is the base of human life will make a lot of jobs in the present market of packaged and ready to eat food items. A food scientist can get various positions in different companies selling food products.

Also, there is an option for research with government organization such as Food Corporation of India, Food testing laboratories, Ministry of food processing industries, and many others. The jobs can be in industrial sectors selling biscuits, cold drinks, chocolates, dairy products, snack food, pickles, masala powders and others. 

Where to study Food science and technology?

Following are the universities to learn food science in India:

Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry

CFTRI, Mysore

Delhi University, Delhi

Geetam University, Vishkhapatnam

Punjab Agricultural University, LudhianaRKDF University, Bhopal

There are other courses like B.Tech (Food Engineering), Jadhavpur University and Diploma in Food Technology, SNDT Mumbai.

How much does a food scientist earn?

The salary of a food scientist starts from 2.5 lac per annum. In government jobs, the salary will be as per government norms.






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