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Facebook announced job search and hunting feature

Admin| Feb 16, 2017 - 11:08 PM United States

Facebook announced job search and hunting feature

The social media giant Facebook has announced a new job search and hunting feature which will be beneficial for the job seekers and recruiters. This feature is now available in United States and Canada. Users will be able to find listings posted under the job listing tab and can apply for the job with the app or desktop website. The Job tabs will offer the standard “Apply Now” button which will help applicants to edit and review forms before submission. 

For users of the Facebook mobile app, the feature will appear in the menu, which also lists events, friends, groups and other functions. For desktop users, the Jobs feature will appear in the Shortcuts menu on the left of the screen. The rollout of the feature is expected to take several weeks. Employers and candidates are expected to employ Messenger for communication said the reports.

Businesses/Companies can list job openings for free and after posting a job, Page admins(Recuriters/employers) will be able to review the applications and directly reply to the candidate on Facebook Messenger. While the basic job listings will be free for employers, if they want those listings to show in the news feed of demographically or geographically-selected users, the business will have to pay a fee, according to analysts.

Facebook has been beta testing the job listing feature since November of last year. The feature will connect employers and job searchers through the Messenger app. Andrew Bosworth V.P of Facebook said in a statement that businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we're rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook. 

As of now, the new features are directed towards small and medium industries who have the most difficulty in finding the right people, but now they will be able to reach a wider audience while hiring. The move into the employment search space could prove profitable for Facebook and popular among its users. Facebook has an estimated 1.9 billion users worldwide.





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