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Engineers in fintech sector: Which skills will be in demand Archit Gupta,

Admin| Jan 10, 2017 - 11:25 PM India

Engineers in fintech sector: Which skills will be in demand Archit Gupta,

Founder & CEO
India’s fintech sector may be young but is growing rapidly. The sector is being fuelled by a large market base, an innovation driven startup landscape and friendly government policies/regulations that have been populating this emerging and dynamic sector.

Various players have been diversifying into numerous business line – payments, wealth management, taxation among others to help financial institution struggling with the pace of innovation in technology.

As fintech startups are scaling out of India, these companies look for engineers who are passionate about India stack.

Machine Learning: Today fintech companies are providing a one-stop destination for people looking for financial solutions that match their specific needs, Machine Learning will boom, which will help to analyse huge data sets and gain insights from these massive data sets.

Real Time Analytics: To respond to queries instantaneously, Real Time Analytics would emerge that will not only help process the data but also help in storing data sets.

Big Data: Companies which are inundated with information harvested from various sources, will need experienced people in Big Data to extract insights and value from the wealth of structured and unstructured data.

SaaS: Owing to the cloud environment that is growing fast and will create many new opportunities for businesses and workers, SaaS will be an important skill for engineers to have.

Business Analysts: Companies will require individuals who can converse in both — the language of business and the language of IT. Those who are able to translate between these two, i.e. Business Analysts would be another specialisation that companies will hire for in 2017.

Mobile Engineers: Mobile has now surpassed the desktop computer as the most-used digital platform, and 2016 should also see demand for cross-platform mobile development professionals hence Mobile Engineers would be in demand going forward.

Product Developers: With new demands comes new product developments. Product Developers will again be in demand since they will have to sync with the demands of the audience and develop products which will in solving the issues faced by them.



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