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Employer branding key to attracting best talent: Survey

Admin| Sep 17, 2016 - 11:43 AM India

Employer branding key to attracting best talent: Survey

Attracting the best talent is a challenge given the growing competition in a candidate-­driven market, as many as 85.5 per cent startups said in a survey by global executive recruitment organisation Antal International. Not surprisingly then, as high as 83 per cent of them said they are willing to pay higher fees to specialist recruiters to help them find outstanding individuals who can best fit in the company.

A majority of the 76 respondents in the ‘Recruitment Trends among Startups in India’ survey said that attracting the best talent that can help companies scale up needs a strategic vision from the top. In fact, more than 60 per cent respondents admitted that over the past two years they suffered revenue losses which can be directly attributed to wrong hiring choices

This underscores the criticality of hiring the best,” said Joseph Devasia, managing director, Antal International.

As many as 91 per cent line managers said that employer branding is very important and key to attracting best talent to their company. Employer branding is not just related to what the market knows about the company’s work culture but also how each individual candidate was treated during the interview. Candidate experience was felt to be a major element in employer branding.

In order to zero in on the right candidates, more companies were seen to be relying on specialist recruiters. According to the survey, 43 per cent were found to be working with specialist recruiters and only 13 per cent with generalist recruiters. Inhouse HR was the No 2 choice for hiring managers in getting talent onboard. 

This was followed by 16 per cent respondents looking at job boards.


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