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Design Schools off the cart for e-tailers

Admin| May 27, 2016 - 10:49 AM India

Campus placements at some of the leading design schools this year saw little participation from ecommerce companies such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. Star recruiters on campuses in recent years, these companies were noted for their lack of interest this time at top engineering and management institutes like IITs and IIMs as well. 

This season, the highest salary of Rs 32 lakh a year at NIFT Mumbai was offered by EPIC Designers, a Hong Kong-based brick-and-mortar designing company. At IIT Bombay's Industrial Design Centre, the top offer of Rs 23 lakh came from Samsung R&D. 

None of the top ecommerce companies paid a visit to these two institutes and Pune's MIT Institute of Design this year. 

Last year, the highest offers had come from ecommerce companies and startups. For instance, Amazon made the top offer at NIFT Mumbai. Practo, an aggregator of healthcare services, had offered the top salary at IIT-Bombay's IDC. "Brick-and-mortar format is back with a bang and online companies are losing popularity among students too this year," said Nilima Rani Singh , director at NIFT Mumbai. 

B-schools and engineering colleges have in recent months seen companies in ecommerce space deferring or even withdrawing job offers made to their students. For instance, Flipkart recently told new campus recruits from IIM-Ahmedabad that it was deferring their joining dates to December from June due to a restructuring exercise, drawing strong reaction from the B-school. 

Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal didn't immediately respond to emails sent on Thursday afternoon seeking comment. 

In the design space, industry experts said, there is growing demand for designers from brickand-mortar companies as they expand their brands targeting new market segments. At NIFT Mumbai, 105 companies participated during the four days of placement process, offering jobs to 237 students. 

Some of the major recruiters were Raymond BSE 1.12 %, Future Lifestyle Fashions, MUST Garment Corp, Bata India BSE -1.52 %, Gini & Jony, Reliance Brands, Avenue Supermarts (DMart), Lifestyle International, MAX Retail Division, Archana Kochhar, Godrej & Boyce and Decathlon Sports. 

"There were no ecommerce companies coming to the campus for placements this year," said an IITB-IDC placement spokesperson. The institute concluded placements last week. Just like the other two, the most active sector at IDC's placement was technology and IT. The average salary of students placed this year is higher at about Rs 11 lakh a year, compared with Rs 9.5 lakh last year. 




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