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5 ways to set work-life boundaries

Admin| Apr 03, 2017 - 11:27 PM India

5 ways to set work-life boundaries

An increasingly always-onwork culture spells huge gains in worker productivity, but it often leaves employees with little room for their personal lives. Varuni Khosla talks to experts to put together tips for achieving a fine balance and set clear worklife boundaries in a 24X7 work environment. \

Establish Non-Negotiables

“Being clear and upfront about nonnegotiables can help structure our lives to make room for the things that matter most, without letting others down,” says Rajesh Kumar, vice president, human resources at Lemon Tree Hotels. An organisation can ensure a fun and refreshing environment for its employees and enable them to not only enjoy the time they spend at work but also make the most of that which they spend off work, he says. This helps employees achieve a balance between their career and personal life, making them more effective as leaders as well.

Blur Boundaries

According to experts, the best way to set work-life boundaries is to forget about it. Prioritise what is important at that point of time. “If there is a board meeting and I have a birthday party to attend with my son on the same day, I opt for the board meeting. If I have an important meeting but a PTA (parent-teacher association) meeting in school, I go for the PTA meet,” says Aditi Balbir, co-founder of V Resorts.

Be Present When You are Present

Thinking about work at home and about home at work serves no one effectively. Establish ground rules for yourself about which activities constitute work and which don’t. You are at your professional best when your work has your full attention. Equally, make sure you disconnect when you are with your family. Avoid calling and taking calls after work hours. You will be able to relax and be fresh to face work the next day, says Kumar.

Expend Energy Wisely

Arrange your time in a manner that you can apply your energy and brightest ideas to the work and plot your events accordingly. Before accepting any additional responsibility, carefully assess the consequences and determine what you will have to give up to accommodate the extra work. And if work is unavoidable, best ask your supervisor to help you reprioritise, says Kumar.

Take Time Off

Another way could be to compensate one for the other. If there isn’t enough time for your family, for instance, go on a holiday together, or if work has been suffering, pull a few all-nighters. “Don’t feel guilty of taking breaks. Enjoy your time off to feel recharged when you return to work,” says Balbir.


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