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Tactics to Giving an Impressive Skype Interview

Skype has now become a platform for interviewers and recruiters to communicate with each other. Almost 42% of companies use Skype or video interviewing for the process of hiring. The majority of famous companies who are interested in hiring employees from other countries of the world they prefer to conduct first and second round interviews via Skype.

While having Skype interview, there are some of the traits that can play a role in getting a job. Usually, candidates ignore them and only rely on their CV but a point is that an interview lets you advertise your skill and the advertisement remains empty if you neglect the quality of self-presentation. Here I am mentioning some techniques through which you can manage to present an appropriate and professional image in front of recruiters.

Apply “Rule of Third” for camera positioning. Imaginatively divide the whole screen into three segments horizontally and three vertically and position your camera lens in a way that your nose is not the only thing in the middle box. In this way, you will be maintaining a proper distance between you and camera.

Use earphones because the voice quality of mikes is not suitable for this purpose and they also catch background distortion and unwanted voices. Also look for the high quality camera. It’s best to turn on chat on HD mode of the camera for better image quality.

Clean up your room or surroundings before an interview. Make sure that background does not have any object that is highly personal or anything controversial. It should not be messy as well because these things portray your management qualities.

Your Skype profile should be decent and professional. It is recommended by custom assignment writing UK that you should make a separate id for interviewing purpose. Mark your status busy as you start the interview so that other people will not make a call to contact you.

Consider a fact that it does not matter that your interview is being conducted through Skype, the ethics and demands remain exactly same. Whether you are at home or anywhere else, follow the dress code. Do not think that wearing PJs are ok as the limited body is visible because many times interviewers ask you to stand or they demand something they are sure you are not having around. It is mandatory to wear a proper dress so that you do not have to face embarrassment.

For sure if you follow mentioned points, you will receive a positive response from another side. The recruiters will consider that you are having a professional attitude.


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