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My first Interview

My first Interview

| Jan 21, 2016 - 05:10 PM

After graduating from college, youngsters are energetic and are ready to face the life challenges. It is not assured that all could get a hurdle free life; people need to work out and change the hurdles into blooming flowers. So it is important to create your own identity in the society. How it is possible?

For that all you need is a job relating to your educational knowledge which you have gained so far. The Job which you land in should be innovative and inventive that benefits you both intellectually and economically. Most probable thing is that you should do the job with self-satisfaction and nobility. The pass key to attain such a job is interview and the students should be trained to learn their mistakes from their first interview experience, if they miss the opportunity. 

When I was in the verge to attend my first interview you would not believe that I was totally panicked and really was not prepared to present myself in the job hunting experience. We had training sessions in our college and many ongoing discussions happened among friends about the concern that has arranged the interview. 

Finally on the day of interview students have been gathered in auditorium, after all formalities students were separated into batches and made to attend the first round of written test in common. I cleared my first round with positive results and along with some set of selected students I was about to attend the Group discussions where we want to speak with all guts and need to list out the precise points. 

Somehow I managed to clear the GD and moved up to the final round along with selected students. But really the nervousness lies here because it involves both general and technical questions. The biggest part is we need to handle our body language and eye contact in a same positive line which will keep you to be cool and confident and this will impress the interviewer.

Basically every first experience would teach us something important in our life. It is the responsibility of job seekers to make their first interview as memorable and relishing gateway to succeed in their life.




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