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4 Critical Things Millennials Expect from Employers

4 Critical Things Millennials Expect from Employers

Admin | Apr 06, 2017 - 11:42 PM


A lot of organizations believe that luring millennials to work for their companies can be a somewhat cakewalk. Some employers truly believe that, millennials can be easily coerced by offering perks like such as a ping pong table, a beer keg, free food, a nap room, or even an on-site massage.


However, the truth is that, millennials do not really feel motivated or tempted to work for a company that offers such incentives. Rather they look for something more in their future employers. Millennials look for jobs and employers that are willing to go that extra step in order to offer them the best of everything—from mentoring, to professional growth, flexibility and a work-life balance.


Here’s a closer look at what millennials expect from their employers:


#1. The scope to work with talented people


Millennials are young, energetic and are always on a look out to work with talented people who offer them chances of professional growth. In one of the survey, it was found that 69% of millennials opine that their co-workers should enable them in performing better at workplace. Companies need to showcase the talent that they have proper recruitment process in line to ensure that only the best candidates are hired for the perfect job.


#2. Opportunity to do meaningful work


Millennials have very different kind of mindset. They want to create a positive impact on the world through the work they do and also choose to leave behind a trail. If they feel that they are making a difference to the society or even in their own community, they will take more pride in the work they do.


Studies have found that over half of millennials are willing to take a pay cut as high as 15% to work for a company that matches their ideals and values. It’s clearly evident that, money is definitely not the only motivating factor for millennials to work. Millennials want to align their values and interests to the work they do and more importantly who or whom they are working for.


#3. Flexible working hours


Gone are the days when a professional would work only from a stipulated to period of 9 to 5. Millennials do not believe in this theory anymore. Researches have revealed that, millennials do not believe in the typical 9-5 working hours and prefer flexible timings. Since this generation is highly tech savvy, they often end up checking work emails in their mobile gadgets. Such a move also arises from their belief that work can be done from anywhere and not necessarily within the confines of an office.


A recent PwC study showed that 64% millennials would occasionally like to work from home and 66% would like the option of shifting their working hours at times.


#4. More than just a good salary


A substantial amount of salary per annum is something that millennials look forward to. However, while salary is extremely important for this young generation, it is more than just a good salary package that they expect from their employers. While offered a job, millennials look for other options such as work-life balance, travel opportunities, freedom and flexibility, and also whether the organization invests in latest technologies.


The percentage of millennials within the global workforce is expected to increase considerably by 2025. Needless to say that there are ample reasons as to why organisations should consider hiring millennials.



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