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3 Simple Phrases That Will Make You A Star At Work, Especially If You're An Introvert

3 Simple Phrases That Will Make You A Star At Work, Especially If You're An Introvert

Admin | Sep 21, 2016 - 10:21 AM

In my field, one of the biggest myths is that you have to be an extrovert to build a successful personal brand. In fact, I’ve written about the ways introverts can actually have a competitive edge in branding. This is partly because managing your online presence and virtual networking have never been easier. But face-to-face interactions can still be challenging. Maybe your great ideas are getting overlooked because you have trouble getting a word in edgewise in meetings. Or your quiet tendencies have caused you to be labeled (inaccurately) as aloof.

Even if it feels safer to invoke your right to remain silent, that can undermine your success if your organization doesn’t value diverse personalities. Here are three powerful phrases that can help you unlock conversations with colleagues of all ranks, from the CEO to the very important assistant to the CEO.

1. “Let me help you with that.”

No matter how heavy your workload is, this simple sentence can help you become known for the right work. If you’ve been assigned to put in hours of overtime on data analysis, but your hidden talent is dreaming up creative sales incentives, offer to lend a hand to the sales team. When you let your manager know how much you’d like to be tapped for certain projects, choose ones that have a high profile so that your personal brand will receive enhanced visibility. It may take time for your manager to figure out how to respond to your interest in branching out. That’s OK, because the value you bring to the organization is highlighted every time you remind people that you like to make yourself useful, and that you like to learn about new areas of the firm.

On the other hand, if you have a very light workload and spend most of your day surfing the web, don’t get too comfortable; the less value you provide, the fewer opportunities you have to build your brand and the less job security you have. It’s time to start volunteering for more projects, choosing ones that are in line with the traits and talents that make you unique.

2. “I’m impressed.”

Be generous with compliments, as long as they’re genuine. Successful branding is rooted in authenticity, so if you’re praising a colleague just to make yourself look good, your phoniness will be easy to spot. But if you find yourself truly tongue-tied in the presence of your company’s superstars, pop the thought bubble over your head that says, “I’m so intimidated!” Turn it into a spoken compliment.

Follow up the compliment with a few words about why you’re impressed. Ask the superstar to tell you the story behind the achievement. Don’t limit your praise to bigwigs; spread it liberally. If the receptionist managed to be on time despite a subway failure, tell him you’re impressed. If you honestly can’t find anything admirable to say about your colleagues, maybe it’s time to look for a new position with a team members who continually inspire each other.

3. “Thank you.”

Instead of silently stewing about what you’re not getting, be vocally grateful about what you are getting. In an interview I recently conducted with Dave Kerpen, New York Times NYT -0.49% bestselling author and founder of Likeable Media, he said, “Gratitude is the greatest drug on the planet. And there is no side effect. . . . When we actually take a moment to focus exclusively on gratitude, it shifts our mood.” Establish a habit of expressing gratitude. It’s a powerful brand and confidence builder and it will strengthen your relationships with others.

Whether you’re trying to make a name for yourself within a huge global organization or as a solo-preneur with individual clients, we can all relate to these three phrases. They reflect basic emotional needs: the need to feel supported, the need to celebrate our accomplishments, and the need to be appreciated. Add those 10 words (yes, they total just 10 words!) to your corporate vocabulary, and watch your brand recognition flourish.

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